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The novels of the Once Upon a Time in the Texas Panhandle series are not just love stories. They touch on family loss, interracial relationships, PTSD, alcoholism, and class differences. Each story spans across several generations and can be considered multigenerational family histories.

The series is appropriate for both adults, ages 18+, and older readers alike. Each story focuses on the history of the TEXAS PANHANDLE, which serves as the backdrop to each book and is weaved into the character development and the story itself, so you are learning pieces of Texas Panhandle history while reading a fun and engaging book.

Each novel and can be read independently from one another. Despite the serious topics covered in each book, one thing is for sure - there will always be a happy ending.

Young girls finds her first love and survives tragedy


A Tornado of Love

Tayla Neel is a struggling high school student working three jobs just to make ends meet, after losing her mother to cancer and her father to alcoholism. Through an unexpected and permanent “visit” by her father’s sister, Tayla is finally allowed to start living the life of a normal teenager; and after bumping into a former classmate, Jacques, she soon discovers what young love means. But when a tornado storm kills Jacques’ parents, she is forced to take on the role of temporary mother to his siblings. Through it all, Tayla must decide which direction her life is going to take—whether or not to marry Jacques.

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A Ghost Town Romance

When almost the entire Landergin clan died of unfortunate circumstances, the only surviving family member, Julia Landergin was left alone and hopeless. After receiving a surprising phone call, she discovers that her brother, whom she had previously thought to have died in the war, had returned alive and married a Navajo Native American woman, but kept his life a secret from Julia. He had kids who in turn had kids, however Julia finds out that all but two children had tragically died in a horrible car wreck. She now had to make a decision – would she adopt her brother’s grandchildren and forever alter her life? As she brings them to her house, she finds that caring for them and living a life full of love can bring more happiness and solace than being alone.

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Young girl runs away and finds love with a retired war veteran and helps him through his PTSD
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For Better or For Worse

As Beth Dalton runs away from her overbearing parents, who were attempting to arrange her marriage to a local wealthy oil tycoon, she finds herself lost and out of gas near Sedona in Arizona. While there, she meets Silas, who is a recently retired veteran and camping out until he figures out where to go next in his life. Things get complicated when Beth asks Silas to pretend to marry her so that she can escape her parents. However, as Silas and Beth get to know each other and romantic feelings surface, they must decide if they could be destined to have a future together.

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Love Takes Flight

What happens when Nadya Benda, an immigrant from Poland, finds her life-plan turned upside down when she falls in love with an alcoholic war veteran suffering from PTSD? Nadya spent years pursuing her dream to become a nurse and provide for her brother and his children, but Howie ends up in her hospital after crashing his motorcycle, and he professes his love for her. Nadya asks Howie to prove his commitment to her and sends him on a journey to become sober. Halfway through, they find out that his young daughter from his first marriage, is alive and well, and wants to meet him. As Nadya navigates her feelings for Howie, she wonders if he will ever be able to give up drinking for her. Will she be able to restore his will to live, and will Howie ever be able to forgive himself for the sins he committed in the war?  

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texas panhandle history

But … what is the Texas Panhandle?

The “Top” of Texas that is 165 miles square and is made up of twenty-six counties each consisting of farms, silos, and ranch land.


"Finished the newest novel of your series, and really enjoyed it.  I especially liked the multi-cultural elements that pervaded it. Congratulations on your success! I can't wait to read the next one in the series."

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