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- The Restoration of a Flying Tiger -  

In the spring of 1950, an ex-Flying Tiger pilot came home from China to die. After flying for General Chennault against the Japanese, Howie Hill flew for Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Chinese air force against Mao’s Communist air force. In 1949, the Nationalists lost. Captain Hill’s family—his Chinese wife, son and daughter, and in-laws—went missing and were presumed dead, killed by the victorious Communist armies.  In his P-40 fighter, Captain Hill escaped to Taiwan, but apparently none of his family or relatives had made it to the coast and the escape-boats. Captain Hill, in despair, went home to Mackenzie, Texas, to die.

Howie tried to commit suicide by crashing his motorcycle while drunk. He was surprised to wake up in a hospital emergency room. That’s where he met Nadya Benda, the nurse tending to him in his coma. When he awoke, she became his “angel.” A decade earlier, Nadya had lost her own family in Poland, at the hands of the invading German army. So she understood Howie’s despair.

Would Howie listen to Nadya and allow his angel to help him? Would falling in love with her save him? Would her love be enough for the restoration of a crashed Flying Tiger? Read this story to find out how Howie was saved by the love of a remarkable woman.