"I looked up the name Tayla and found that it has a spiritual meaning - gifted. In this book, Tayla put all of her gifts to good use and in the end rose above the abject poverty of her environment. Tayla of the Golden Spread captures the culture of poverty in mid 20th century West Texas. It illustrates the strength of character necessary to survive and succeed in that culture. 

The book is a delightful page turner. It is funny, at times sad, with a spirit of optimism pervading the entire volume."

- Sharon Moylan

"This is a great book. The chapters are short and sweet, so you can read it quickly and enjoy it. This is a perfect book for sitting at home, in bed, drinking some tea/coffee and lounging."


"I loved the romance. All of the characters seem like people that I know or would like to. That is the essence of a great story... enjoy."


"I just finished reading Tayla of the Golden Spread. I enjoyed the unique setting and plot.  I connected with the book because I grew up in southeastern Idaho which is a big producer of wheat in addition to potatoes.  Wheat combines, tractors, pickup trucks, big barns, and Airstream trailers were common sights in my hometown of Pocatello which is in the Snake River Valley. All in all I enjoyed how the characters grew in a positive way throughout the book.  Job well done, Larry!  You have a talent for writing."

- cindy borer, virginia women's book club reader

 "This novel is wonderful.... it combines interesting characters who have complex relationships in a historical setting that brings you into a magical new world."


“I enjoyed this book of a child who became an adult much too soon. Her main attribute would be Courage. She had a choice of a path: her father’s or her own. And she chose her own to follow. If you love Texas and if you love love, you’ll love this book and the determination to succeed that Mama Tayla had. “

- V. Taylor

"Finished the newest novel of your series, and really enjoyed it.  I especially liked the multi-cultural elements that pervaded it. And of course Little Alice is the most entertaining lively talker--Amen! Congratulations on your success! I can't wait to read the next one in the series."

- J. R. 

"I’ve read all three of your books and really enjoyed them. They are all different as you mentioned! I read mostly at night before I go to sleep. I looked forward to finding out what happened with Tayla (and her interesting aunt!), Little Alice and her new life with her aunt and family, and finally, Beth and Silas.”

- Stephanie ramirez